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            Writers Anonymous
            Writers, come in. Talk about your stories, problems, any advice you need, critique, etc. You don't have to be good, you just need to want to write! Fanfic or original fic writers, all are welcome. Read the rules before posting or risk Rhea's displeasure.
            English - Topics: 7,906 - Posts: 324,860 - Since: 12-18-05 - Admin: Rhea Silverkeys
            The Convergence
            For many fictional characters, a vast, weird and wonderful world, which stole them unexpectedly, is now where they call '河南福彩app官方下载'. But for others, the Afterlife is just the beginning of their adventure. Private multifandom roleplay - not accepting new members.
            English - Topics: 227 - Posts: 2,294,363 - Since: 12-31-13 - Admin: ALazyGeek
            Fiction Wrestling Multiverse
            Here people can talk about Fictional Wrestling fics, WWE, TNA, ROH and others! Oh and hang out with each other as well. Quick! Invite your friends and whoever Favorited/Followed your Fiction Wrestling fic and talk until you're boredom is satisfied! Now it's OPENED!
            English - Topics: 944 - Posts: 1,847,501 - Since: 08-06-12 - Admin: Fanfiction Wrestling Critic
            Anime Roleplay
            A fun growing community of fans roleplaying characters from a large range beloved animes! OC's are accepted but many canon characters are still up for grabs, we also have a place to advertise your stories and play games with fellow members. Come join the fun now *ACTIVE*
            English - Topics: 100 - Posts: 987,077 - Since: 06-22-13 - Admin: LittleNeko23
            The Hunger Games RolePlay!
            Welcome河南福彩app官方下载 to life in Panem! Children from all over Panem are disappearing, but to where? And for what purpose? The Capitol's Games have hardly begun. Please note: This forum is unofficially discontinued. You are welcome to continue to RP, but it is often quite empty.
            English - Topics: 94 - Posts: 588,262 - Since: 12-07-11 - Admin: anditsgonnabetotallyawesome
            Roleplays Rock
            A place open to any or all roleplays. Join one or start your own!
            English - Topics: 1,169 - Posts: 478,561 - Since: 12-26-06 - Admin: Shrimpy Kay
            Beyond Twilight: Pack NG
            OPEN AND ACTIVE ! It's a next generation RP, 20 years later, the focus lies on the pack. But vampires, humans and children of the moon also take part. Everyone is welcome to join. ) - [The Banner of the RP was made by Nyx Nuit. ]
            English - Topics: 48 - Posts: 340,349 - Since: 06-03-13 - Admin: xMoonChild
            Multiverse Authors Den
            Welcome河南福彩app官方下载 to the Multiverse Authors Den where we just come up with the craziest ideas! Why don't you take off that jacket, get comfy and stay a while?
            English - Topics: 48 - Posts: 328,296 - Since: 08-26-15 - Admin: Nan the Keyblade Master
            All for M, and M for All!
            Where all your horny needs can come true. Join of you're experienced with Lemons, because there's gonna be a lot of them.
            Punjabi - Topics: 106 - Posts: 305,302 - Since: 07-17-14 - Admin: Jarin Renshoga Ryu
            Our Weird and Wacky RP
            This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
            English - Topics: 65 - Posts: 331,506 - Since: 09-22-10 - Admin: MorganaElenaLeFay
            The School RPG
            It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
            English - Topics: 859 - Posts: 279,993 - Since: 07-06-07 - Admin: Uhm. its me Vee
            It's All You
            You choose the story. You choose the character. You choose the looks. You choose the limits. Nothing can hold you back when the choice is up to only you. No rules, no requirements. All you have to do is fill out a request for a Topic forum. Then everything else is all up to you. Partner Search Avaliable!
            English - Topics: 256 - Posts: 255,568 - Since: 06-21-16 - Admin: XxSimpleGirl98xX
            Private RP!
            Devanagari - Topics: 118 - Posts: 246,789 - Since: 02-06-16 - Admin: Blazing Lights
            Legend of the Twilight
            I honestly have no idea anymore.
            English - Topics: 96 - Posts: 237,598 - Since: 06-17-13 - Admin: Cordelia Hoode
            Hero Forum
            A forum for anyone who has read Hero. Includes roleplay, a chatroom, a room to talk about Hero and its related stories, and news about "Hero" and it's related stories. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION. THIS IS NOT A FORUM FOR SUPERHEROES. IT IS BASED OFF OF A STORY NAMED "HERO".
            English - Topics: 78 - Posts: 219,252 - Since: 08-16-15 - Admin: yasha012
            The Domain
            The price of citizenship is still, to some extent, your personal freedom.
            English - Topics: 133 - Posts: 305,957 - Since: 07-12-08 - Admin: Jon Stewart
            Cactus' Sexy Pokemon Adventures!
            Welcome河南福彩app官方下载 one and all to Cactus's Sexy Pokemon adventure! Wish to have a lemony trip though the various regions of pokemon or even originals ones? Then head our way! Your local GM Cactus will lead you though various lemony adventures! :D *Lemons* Mature RPers only Rated 'M'
            English - Topics: 406 - Posts: 210,204 - Since: 01-14-15 - Admin: ANiceHotCactus
            Literate Union
            Sometimes our posts just like to pull a Houdini.
            English - Topics: 177 - Posts: 415,131 - Since: 05-30-09 - Admin: Georgasaurus
            the LEMON forum
            Do you like lemons? Then this is the place for you. A new take on the average lemon forum. Come here to RP with fun topics, and keep the fun going 24/7
            English - Topics: 49 - Posts: 206,664 - Since: 01-25-13 - Admin: kuhlairee
            Legion of Superheroes RPG
            Loved the T.V show the Legion of Superheroes. Then here your chance to be a super hero in the world of Legion of Superheroes. JOIN THE RPG!
            English - Topics: 21 - Posts: 199,108 - Since: 05-21-10 - Admin: Theavengerofreapers
            This lemon RP
            A sexy, smart, and fun lemon RP
            English - Topics: 81 - Posts: 195,115 - Since: 11-23-11 - Admin: Bigeagle
            Dante's Inferno
            So you want to laugh at the N00BI3S and StuSuethors. This is the place. We never sleep. Come hang out and talk about anything, but you are on your own if you see foul language. Formerly the L.F.E.
            English - Topics: 644 - Posts: 194,638 - Since: 06-06-07 - Admin: Omnipotent One Envy
            we are the Veritas. By definition, the Veritas are not a cult, we are a political party dedicated to trying to make the fandom a better place. Or just chatting. Whatever strikes us.
            English - Topics: 98 - Posts: 190,136 - Since: 03-18-09 - Admin: storm-brain
            Synchron Cortex
            Welcome河南福彩app官方下载 to the Synchron Cortex. Everyone in the world are interconnected by the internet. With this, we form a bond with everyone around the world. Here at Cortex, we talk to one another, get to know each other, and eventually become friends with one another. If everyone could become friends, then no one would ever have to suffer and we'd have a true, everlasting peace.
            English - Topics: 25 - Posts: 188,050 - Since: 02-02-13 - Admin: Omegaxis1
            Lustclan and others roleplay
            Lustclan continuing here along with some other add ons like more clans and human roleplay
            English - Topics: 24 - Posts: 184,970 - Since: 05-03-16 - Admin: Fkjgvjchfd
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